Whether you’re looking for a stylish heat source solution to fit a unique space or envision a show-stopping fireplace to be the focal point of your room, Ignis is ready for the challenge! Ethanol fireplaces are popular for their inherent safety features and the consistent heat production, but they’re also a good choice because of their installation flexibility. The Ignis Design Team will work tirelessly for you to craft a custom solution to match your unique vision, with a working ethanol fireplace at the center of it all.

We build for you and craft custom fireplaces that don’t match a mold because we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Ask about freestanding fireplaces, modern fireboxes, single burners, and any other configurations that would best serve your space. An Ignis Design Rep will happily explain custom options for you over the phone and even provide initial design ideas for your special project.

Clarity, confirmation, and communication are very important in any custom project, because you want to know exactly what is being delivered and how it will suit your vision and unique fireplace concept. Our talented design team is skilled with AutoCAD software and will create clear drawings for your approval before the final production begins. We also welcome any drawings that you have from designers, architects, or contractors for increased collaboration.

Let us craft your perfect ethanol fireplace with a custom design that checks all of the boxes. Our talented team strives to create something new and exciting with every personalized design. With short lead times less than three weeks, your custom ethanol fireplace can go from being a dream to a reality in no time!

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