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Safety is Our Goal

Ignis is proud to announce the release of our all new Zero Clearance Fireplace Inserts. Ignis Fireboxes are made like no other. Our unique Insulated double wall patent pending technology leaves the competition speechless. Our fireplace inserts where designed and patented by Ignis in the State of New York and proudly hand build by ignis staff overseas, cut by cut, weld by weld. Our research and development team worked on the fireplace insert for over a year before we got the perfect results ready for you.

Why Switch to Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

While burning your gas or wood burning fireplaces as well as electric you don’t think about where this energy is coming from. All three listed options are harmful to our planet in their own way. Switching to Bio ethanol fireplaces is as easy as switching channels on your TV with one thing on your mind thou, you will not harm the environment. Bio ethanol fuel is also known as Alcohol fuel or denatured alcohol. Bio ethanol is eco-friendly, not harmful to your health and most importantly our planet.

Light IT Up Anywhere in Your Home or Office

Fire is arguably mankind's greatest discovery, Fire gave us the ability to cook our food, warm our bodies and even protect ourselves. Throughout the ages Fire or some version of a fireplace went from something mystical to a luxury few can afford to a staple in every home. Today technology has replaced our need for a fireplace with stoves and heating systems but there is still nothing that can take the place of seeing an open flame. With this exact thought in mind Ignis has developed an extensive line of ethanol powered vent less fireplaces. Our lines of free standing fireplaces are perfect if you haven't really decided what room you want your fireplace in. The table top series allows you to bring a warm romantic atmosphere to any table in any room. For a slightly more permanent fireplace solution Ignis offers wall mount, recessed mount and our innovative firebox models all of which work with any style decor. If you already have a fireplace our line of ethanol burner inserts and grates with let you convert to ethanol quick and easy.

What is Bio Ethanol Fuel

Lots of people ask that question often and we are glad to answer. Bio Ethanol fuel is a Liquid fuel that is produced from plant by products here in the US and Canada as well as other countries. Bio ethanol fuel is made by a fermentation process of various plants and grains. The most popular ethanol fuel is made of Corn while others from sugar cane and potatoes. Our Bio ethanol fuel is made of corn here in the USA. It is important to know that drinking bio ethanol is prohibited since the alcohol has been denatured and not distributed for drinking purposes. The denaturing agent added to the alcohol makes it very bitter and unpalatable.

Convert with Ignis

Are you tired of your existing wood burning fireplace yet? Tired of igniting? Tired of cleaning the ash? Cutting the wood? Worry about the safety from jumpy hot ashes? Well if you are then it’s time to take your existing wood grate and scrap it, because Ignis has something else to offer. No gas lines! No electric lines! No problems igniting! No Cleaning! No Cutting! No Worries! And the not to mention you save our natural resources. Convert to our ethanol fireplace grates that are powered by a fully sustainable bio ethanol fuel. All you need is to choose the size that best fits you and insert the grate into your existing fireplace.

Weather you just want something small to put on your table or a complete firebox to frame into your wall we have it all and everything in between. We carry a full line of tabletop, free standing, wall mount and recessed fireplaces along with a collection of ethanol burners for custom installations.